New Site Launch

Well here we go again…this time from our brand new site… and the truth is that it’s been many months of preparations and silent work in order to be ready for this new era of South Coast Tints.

First of all a new member, Yiannis Vasilikakis, has joined our South Coast Tints Team to help us with Sales and Marketing.   A department we have more than neglected over the many years.

As regards to our workshop, after more than 13 years a new sky blue painted floor was the first change for us as the summer season came to and end.  New lights with the latest daylight bulbs made the whole place almost too bright.  Along with brand new tinting workstations have been created for our tint technicians to work from. The re-decoration plan moved on with the creation of a big banner, which we have hung on the wall presenting our philosophy and beliefs as a company. Also a brand new flyer had been designed and created for our existing and potential customers.

Recently we organised target visits to our local Car Dealers providing them with vital information about South Coast Tints and our providing services.

Lets not forget our new promotion video we will be using where ever possible to showcase how we work as often customers have no idea what goes on and the level of skill required.  You can watch it here.. (ADD LINK when on vimeo)

All these changes combined with the new site brought us to believe that we wanted somehow to present the whole idea, the unique spirit of the South Coast Tints Team, the characteristics that led us to be the recognized Market Leaders in Vehicle Window Tinting after all these years.  After many meetings and e-mails with our movie director Luis Arnold and Hunters one of our main Car Dealers Provider, we decided to come up with something short and unique showing how we work day in day out.

For more than 20 years now we have tinted more than 15,000 vehicles, South Coast Tints provide you with high-end car window tinting services and that’s why we are the Market Leaders in Vehicles Windows Tinting. This is something we have gained over the years thru our dedication to each one of you individually.

So from today follow our blog, be part of our team, spirit and culture. Find out our news and give us your ideas of improvement if you like.  For us each car is as much unique as it’s owner and we know that we are here in order to…. protect what you love most.

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