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Window tints: protection & Safety

For many years, South Coast Tints have been fitting these films to vehicles in order to protect passengers from dangerous and uncomfortable rays. Originating in the USA, vehicle window tinting has become more standard in new and used vehicles as drivers and passengers want more relief from the sun’s heat and damaging ultra-violet rays. Once applied, these tints will block out up to 99% of U.V. rays, adding security to your vehicle and its contents and also create a more comfortable and private environment in your car.


Safety / Security Films Holding back flying shattered glass.

If the glass has an impact of any kind, the glass will continue on at the same speed as the impact made.  This is great for rally cars, track day cars or simply on road protection against any un-forseen circumstances.

The simplest proven way to protect against the hazards of shattered glass, specifically designed to be applied to existing glass to upgrade glazing to meet BS6206.

Available in various thicknesses in either clear, solar control or tinted. For complete protection from accidental or terrorist explosions, preventing needless injury to personnel and property from the hazards of broken and flying glass.

Now the same material that protects sensitive Government and military installations, banks and commercial premises against terrorist attack can protect your vehicle or premises from the risk of loss and damage.

With normal glazing the object smashes straight through. However, when protected with our safety / security films, the object can no longer penetrates the glass as easy. The glass is held together with the film and therefore makes the glass almost impenetrable with a brick or random object.


Car drivers ‘risking skin cancer’

Drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel increase their risk of skin cancer, US work suggests. Experts say repeated sun exposure through the car’s side windows is to blame, and drivers who roll down the window are at even greater risk…

Sunday, 4 February 2007, Source: BBC News

Ultra-Violet (UV) filtering films…

  • Replace those annoying stick-on shades that do not protect your children, they only block their view.
  • Keep your vehicle degrees cooler, saving you and your passengers (+ pets!) from magnified heat.
  • Gives protection from harmful UV rays, also allowing house bound people, with skin conditions to be free once again.
  • Every shade from clear to dark comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Car journeys with our children often go something like this… Once we have coerced the children into the car seats, got them out again because they have forgotten to go to the loo, put them back in again, the wails of ‘I’m too hot!’ begin. The sun guards are dug out of the mud-encrusted boot and stuck to the windows. Then they are ripped off and lobbed at the driver. Does this sound familiar? Well, help could be at hand…

South Coast Tints is pioneering the application of long-lasting and affordable window films to customer’s cars.

We all know how we must protect our children from these harmful rays, but the screens and blinds that are often used only limit the direct sunlight – the harmful solar rays still get through. A tinted window can come in every shade from clear to dark and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

“I encourage my patients to have this film installed at home, in the car, school or work place, as treated windows can make a significant improvement to their quality of life”Dr Sheru George MBChB MRCP
Consultant Dermatologist,
“15% of the population suffer from such diseases, some of them very severely, with the use of your film they are likely to be considerably less affected”Dr John Hawk BSc MD FRCP
Consultant Dermatologist,

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