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It’s been a long time in our minds to create a promotional video for South Coast Tints. We knew from the very beginning that we wanted a video which would represent the way we window tint a vehicle, along with our unique professional service.  We needed a video that would present the whole spirit, character and culture of the South Coast Tints business. It took a number of discussions working with our video promotional director Luis Arnold in order to showcase exactly what we are all about.

After preparing everything from the vehicles to window tint, down to the tiny details we wanted to cover, we were now ready to experiment with the camera along with ourselves doing what we do best.  The filming started early one cold Saturday morning.  The whole team was ready, a little bit anxious to say the least none the less buzzing with enthusiasm.

Lights…Camera…Action.  The big surprise for us, and the little secret of our director was a remote controlled flying drone camera, which could film us from any angle high or low recording some awesome footage.  First shots are showcasing our super clean Unit.  Then presenting how we window tint a vehicle before and afterwards along with some great shots around the city as we deliver the vehicle back to the dealership.

The good thing is that we didn’t have to film too many retakes as we knew our parts very well, as we have to play our role every day for many years with the same accuracy and precision as it is shown on the promotional video.  The final result turned out much better than the vision we had at the beginning, that’s mainly because of our skilled and highly talented director Luis.

The music for the video was created by SCTints Owner Phil “Moonface” Thompson who represented the energy and spirit within this unique business, (which we have to mention was made exclusively for our video).

Overall it was a great experience for us. We hope to enjoy it as much as we did.


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  1. Can you please provide a quote for two rear side window and rear window for a Mercedes CLS 2014?

    Many thanks

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