About Us

Our business has been built on the back of a good reputation, word of mouth and satisfied return customers. You will experience our passion as soon as you visit or talk to us.

Phil Thompson / Owner / Director / Window Tinter /

also Dj / Music Producer / Artist 

In a world where few companies really care about the quality of their products and service and let profit margins get in the way… we shine high above the competition and set the high standard that everyone else can only follow.

We use only the very best revolutionary, long-lasting, quality films on all installations, creating a finish, that to the un-trained eye looks as though you’ve had all the glass replaced. We’re unlike any other in our industry, geared towards serving consumers and traders in an ethical manner. Our distinguishing style, starts with customer care and ends in customer satisfaction.

South Coast Tints professional services are considered to be amongst the premier window film installers in the UK. Protection you can count on.

Our core values…

  1. Passionate About People
  • At South Coast Tints we believe that finding the right members of staff is an important task in order to serve our customers that carries with it duties of care and professional behaviour.
  1. Work With Empathy
  • At South Coast Tints we treat all people as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  1. Take Personal Ownership
  • At South Coast Tints we hold ourselves accountable for everything we do. We communicate and act promptly, clearly and with honesty.
  1. Expect Excellence
  • At South Coast Tints we are driven to achieve superior results for our customers through exceptional service delivery.
  1. Forward Thinking
  • At South Coast Tints we strive to improve our customer service by investing our time, energy and profits for the benefit of our staff, clients, dealerships.

South Coast Tints – The complete story


Phil Thompson is the originator behind the business concept back in the late 80’s early 90’s. Phil recalls “I remember not having any idea how to apply films to windows at that time, or what was involved”. This only emphasised the need to focus on quality, there was no one to turn to back then. At this time there was only one other window tinting company around based in London.  This gave Phil the inspiration to go for it seeing a huge gap in the market locally.  Phil brought with him years of specialised vehicle graphics and contacts within the automotive world to help get things kick started. Phil started to learn the trade in 1990, and in 1993 the company was registered.

long standing window tinting company


All previous years Phil would install tinted windows anywhere possible.  Only mobile jobs at this time presented many issues with quality control.  In 2000, the next obvious step was to find a suitable workshop to ensure the business could run smoother and to focus further on better and better installations. South Coast Tints still operates at this unit today.

Later, Phil approached his other youngest brother, Roger to help grow the business further. Roger came on board and worked hard with Phil to take the business forward, implementing new procedures in a methodical style. The seed was sown.

(Roger left the company to start a new life in Australia in 2006 now happily married with two kids. Now running his own photography company)


In mid-2005 things changed and stepped up another level yet again.

Simon (another brother) and Phil Joined forces and kicked off a new strategy to take the business forward. Simon brought in skills developed from years in selling software solutions into large companies. Simon had previously been working with South Coast Tints in the background.   This helped kick start the business after Roger left the company.  A new website was born along with a new cleaner modern image for South Coast Tints.

(Simon left the company in 2006 after his work was done, then went on to start his own software business)


South Coast tints has made it through the financial crash in 2008, going from strength to strength. Seeing most other window tinters go bust was a huge gain for South Coast Tints, picking up more work as others disappeared, being the only true professional company around.

The road has been long and extremely tough going for all involved in keeping the highest standards possible through thick and thin. Other companies have been and gone as each year passed. Some start up and undercut South Coast Tints, but many fail to deliver the speed and quality that South Coast Tints are well known for.

Over the years South Coast Tints has worked up a great reputation with the local car dealerships, getting to the point where most of the time they will often tell their own customers to come and see us direct and not go to anyone else.


South Coast Tints are always up against companies that use very cheap products that fade and scratch. Along with very low standards of perfection.

South Coast tints will never ever install any level of shaded films to the front windows from the time the law changed back in 2004. This has been a constant daily struggle educating customers after they have been told by other window tinters that it is ok to put a 30% shade on front windows.

Please check the website for more details on the UK law as most other companies around us tint illegally to this day.  We are often unsure if they really are so unprofessional that they don’t know the law in there own industry.   Or they do know the law but still offer illegal tints without knowing the full consequences of there actions.

If a company makes your car illegal then you have no insurance.   If you have no insurance then the insurance company does not have to support your claim, even if its the other drivers fault.  If you unfortunately kill someone on a pushbike or any other mode of transport.  The the finger can be pointed at the driver plus the company who window tinted the car (often for cash no receipt given).  In a worse case scenario the company would be taken to court for commercial manslaughter with a 4 year slice of life behind bars possible.   Hmmm  is it really worth it just for looks?  We think not… and stand by this after many years helping customers. Everyday we explain to customers clearly to help them understand the complex mess we are in with this law, that the Police don’t have the time to support and the MOT stations do not support it at all.


A new website launched with up to date media facilities takes up time to keep updated.  With modern phones everyone is checking us out from where ever they are in the UK. This will be a new faze for South Coast Tints making the most of all media options available to them with the aid of a forward thinking web designer.

(Thanks to Dave @ Matamas RIP summer 2013)

window tinting is a skilled job

2013 into 2014 

Well what a year we have had.    2013 has been awesome for us in many ways.   Still leading the way locally turning around cars quicker than ever seeing more numbers than ever.  With 3 people on each vehicle we have a rapid turn around surprising our customers on a regular basis.

Towards the end of this year we have repainted the workshop.  Repainted the floor after putting it off for the last 3 years due to being too busy each time.  Also built new wall mounted workstations to maximise the space of the workshop.

We have dabbled in wraps, tinted lights where possible and played with Plast-Dip spray wraps with on going experiments on the Vans. You may have seen them around town you can’t miss them.

But we still return to find that window tinting is what we love and what we are best at.


2014 sees the launch of a new website.  With a much simpler quote system than before eliminating the problem we have always had with the online quotes going out of date too quick as manufacturers bring out new models every year often every month.

We still have a big problem with other companies window tinting illegally.  We are currently working on this with VOSA and the local Police when and where we have time.   The main problem is in Hampshire only 3 traffic Police have light metres.  So if a Police man stops a car with illegal tints they need to call another Policeman to calibrate and prove the the window is over the limit.   If they did not have to prove it with a light meter then we would not have this mess.  Any shade even the lightest is technically illegal… no if’s or but’s…   So we are trying to find a way forward to help get on top of the confusion amongst most drivers… not all…   Often innocent people buy cars with out knowing they are driving an illegal vehicle.

We also still have a problem with some local companies tinting quality vehicles with shocking results.

Recently Phil helped a customer that had previously used SCTints but this time decided to use someone a little cheaper.   After the company tried to tint the brand new vehicle twice, the second time even worse. The usual excuse was applied in this situation “Something is wrong with this batch of window film”.  So the customer brought it to Phil for a 2nd opinion.  As Phil checked the car he recommended getting his money back, then returning for us to do the job properly.  When the car came back to us for Phil to check over before commencing work Phil noticed every window was very badly scratched.  Not only this every element on the rear window had also been scraped off with a blade.  Thus damaging the rear window de-mister so it no longer worked.  Phil’s advice was to go back and get them to replace all five windows.   The company replaced all the damaged glass, then South Coast Tints completed the top quality install within an hour.

2017 on into the future:


Any queries? Call (02380) 336 474 or e-mail us for further details.